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Premium Quality ・ Sustainable ・ Ethically Raised


Our hormone and antibiotic-free chickens are raised outdoors, with lots of fresh air and sunshine and love. They are Happy Hens, who lay the most delicious eggs your family will have ever tasted. They are $6.00 per dozen.

They have continuous and unrestricted daytime access to large pastures for foraging for wild edibles, tasty bugs, fresh shoots, and other yummy treats. They have acres to flap and to flock about in. They are free to express their natural chicken-ness. They love to dust bath. These dust baths keep down mites, an issue that plagues barn raised birds. This eliminates the need for miticides and chemicals, which are never used on our birds or on the land.

They have access to shade on the hot days and to shelters in inclement weather. The pastures are rotated so the foraging is always good. We provide supplementary Non-GMO feeds, free of corn, soy, and canola to ensure all their nutrient needs are met.

From healthy hens come healthy nutritious golden orange yolk eggs. They are higher in fat-soluble vitamins and Omega 3s and lower in cholesterol than eggs from non-pasture raised birds. They may cost more than conventional eggs but they are a nutritional bargain!  (Don’t take our word for it, read CBC’s Marketplace analysis of how chicken’s living conditions affected the nutritional content of their eggs.)

Eggs from humanely raised chickens that you can feel good about serving to your family.


Yup, WAY better than most organic eggs!


Why our Hens think their Pasture Raised Eggs are BETTER THAN ORGANIC

Because they get to cluck around their pasture whenever they want!!

So do most hens raised by small scale organic farmers.

BUT most organic eggs sold at Safeway, Walmart etc come from big operations that also sell non-organic eggs and these factory farms are making the news for taking advantage of vague wording in the organic regulations. Which can mean their hens NEVER go outside. 

“Organic livestock are supposed to have access to the “outdoors,” get “direct sunlight” and “fresh air.” The rules prohibit “continuous total confinement of any animal indoors.” Organic livestock are supposed to be able to engage in their “natural behavior,” and for chickens, that means foraging on the ground for food, dust-bathing and even short flights.”

“Outdoors” can be barns but with “porches”, walled-in areas with a roof, hard floors and screening on one side” that “keep the hens safe, allowing them to be outdoors while protecting them from wild birds like ducks and geese, and predators like vermin that spread disease and can hurt or kill hens.”  read more 


You Don’t Believe Them?

This is Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, the largest Organic Egg producer in the US. More than a million hens, filling barns at three birds per square foot.

And yes, they’re USDA Organic. And no, they never go outside.

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Largest organic egg farm

Our Chickens Living the Happy Chicken Life

Beautiful Eggs Make Beautiful Breakfasts

For Egg Orders or Pick Up and Delivery Options

Our eggs are $6.00 per dozen.

Fieldsong has a mobile “Farm Stand” service for eggs. Please contact Steve at 604 417-7507 for date and pick up location options.

Certain Pastured Pork Deli Meats are occasionally available through the mobile “Farm Stand” service. Speak with Steve for more details.