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Premium Quality ・ Sustainable ・ Ethically Raised


Premium Quality ・ Sustainable ・ Ethically Raised


Our mission is to provide customers with the tastiest and healthiest eggs and pork

Having a child inspired us to take up farming. More and more we questioned where our food was coming from and what was going into the production of that food. We wanted delicious, local, healthy, and clean food. We wanted our child to be connected to where their food came from, and to respect and care for the animals that nourished us.

As farmers, we made it our mission to raise the best food possible both for our family and for our community.  We take pride in the health and happiness of our animals and in the environmental well being of our farm. We do not use any of the ‘inputs’ – chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or pharmaceuticals – that are associated with conventional farming. 

Pasture raised chickens and pigs that are free to run wild in the sun make the tastiest and healthiest eggs and pork. It gives us great joy to put food that is loaded with nutrition and flavour on people’s plates. We are proud to be your farmers!

Humanely raised pastured pork has superb flavour

Happy pasture raised chickens lay delicious eggs

For Orders or Pick Up and Delivery Options

Our contact free, mobile “Farm Stand” brings our farm fresh, free range eggs to White Rock, South Surrey and Richmond. Some of our pastured pork cuts and some of our specialty meats, like our fabulous pork jerky, are also available through this service. Some cuts are in limited supply and sell out quickly. Please email us or call 604 417-7507 to find out what is currently available and to find our mobile “Farm Stand” locations and dates.